The function make sure that the documentation is up to date. Rules:

  • You must use roxygen2 to document the functions.

  • If you use a README.Rmd, it should be rendered. You need at least a

  • Don't use a NEWS.Rmd but a

  • must contain an entry for the current package version.

check_documentation(x = ".", quiet = FALSE)



Either a Checklist object or a path to the source code. Defaults to ..


Whether to print check output during checking.


The function generates the help files from the roxygen2 tag in the R code. Then it checks whether any of the help files changed. We use the same principle with the README.Rmd. If any file changed, the documentation does not match the code. Hence check_documentation() returns an error.

A side effect of running check_documentation() locally, is that it generates all the documentation. So the only thing left for you to do, is to commit these changes. Pro tip: make sure RStudio renders the roxygen2 tags whenever you install and restart the package. We describe this in vignette("getting_started") under "Prepare local setup".

Required format for

# package_name version

* Description of something that changed.
* Lines should not exceed 80 characters.
  Start a new line with two space to continue an item.
* Add a single blank line before and after each header.

## Second level heading

* You can use second level headings when you want to add more structure.

 # `package_name` version

 * Adding back ticks around the package name is allowed.