The DESCRIPTION file contains the most important meta-data of the package. A good DESCRIPTION is tidy, has a meaningful version number, full author details and a clear license.

check_description(x = ".")



Either a Checklist object or a path to the source code. Defaults to ..


This function ensures the DESCRIPTION is tidy, using tidy_desc().

The version number of the package must have either a 0.0 or a 0.0.0 format (see this discussion why we allow only these formats). The version number in every branch must be larger than the current version number in the main or master branch. New commits in the main or master must have a larger version number than the previous commit. We recommend to protect the main or master branch and to not commit into the main or master.

Furthermore we check the author information.

  • Is INBO listed as copyright holder and funder?

  • Has every author an ORCID?

We check the license through check_license().